History of Clinton United Methodist Church

In 1823 the Methodist Church in Clinton was established under the leadership of Isaac D. Wall, with services initially held in the homes of members.  Clinton first served under the Wilkinson (Mississippi) circuit, and then on the Amite county (Mississippi) circuit.  It later became the Feliciana (Louisiana) circuit, and after the parish split into East and West Feliciana around 1830, it became known as the East Feliciana Circuit.  Clinton, as the name of a pastoral charge, did not appear until after 1850.

Although the name of the church has changed over time, its location has remained the same at the intersection of Highway 67 (Plank Road) and Highway 10.  Initially it was called the Feliciana Circuit Methodist church.  Around 1830 a white frame structure was erected and used for worship.  By 1907, the white frame church had burned and was replaced with a brick church that was named the Mary Winans Wall Methodist Church.  This brick church experienced structural failure during a large Christmas Day service in 1955.  The present church was built in 1956, incorporating undamaged portions of the old building.  A large recreational building was added to the present church in 1978 and named Embree Fellowship Hall in honor of Joseph Embree.  The name of the church was once again changed in 1988 and remains the Clinton United Methodist Church.

Clinton United Methodist Church
Mary Winans Wall Methodist Church 1907-1956
Clinton United Methodist Church 1956-Present